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The beginning of the blog is the middle of everything else for me.

The chicken-and-eggness of starting an Agile Learning Center is. . .weird. Jason and I have enough knowledge of entrepreneurial practices to know how to talk to people about what we are looking for, and we know how to express our intentions, but it’s hard to get enrollments to a school with no site, and it’s also pretty hard to sign a lease with no students enrolled.

We are also coming in to the ALC community having already engaged the process of forming a democratic school for some time now. We already know a lot about where we are, and I was feeling a little battle fatigued; the ALC concepts have rekindled that “just-starting-out” excitement.

Right now, my husband Jason and I are the primary founders. We work extremely well together already, so that’s going to be just fine. I am enjoying getting to learn more about our relationship through being ‘business partners,’ so to speak.

For example, we have a Trello board of founder-type-things. I find an enormous backlog makes me itchy; I’d rather have one card that covers a larger concept, and be working it for a while. Jason much prefers task-oriented cards, and would hate my “big concept” cards — but even finding that out was a revelation. Even after all of this time, I’m still surprised when everyone else doesn’t think exactly the way I do.

The upside of being in the middle of everything is that any direction gets me somewhere new!

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