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A More Public Life

We are getting into the nitty-gritty now of Emerson ALC. I learned more than I expected about HTML this weekend, but the site is thisclose to looking reputable. It’a a relief, but I have to admit, dear online reader, that having a site launched doesn’t resolve any of my nervousness about this endeavor. If I could set it and forget it, that would be one thing, but it’s not really in my nature to post on Facebook (If I post a few times a year, that’s remarkable), and I think my Twitter account has three tweets, total. Becoming a more public person online is an unavoidable part of the process of getting the doors open, but it might be the part I’m fearing the most.
TL;DR — Social media coordinator wanted.


  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m not active personally, so I’ve found it hard to change that habit and be active on behalf of the school. The school’s Facebook page, for example, has had reposts of interesting articles, but very little original content, and I know that’s not terribly compelling. I feel like we are about to have a lot more to say though, to be honest.

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