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The Family Kanban Lives!

Sooo we have been meaning to getting around to putting together a family Kanban.  We’ve been dawdling for about as long as it took to read that last sentence.  A long time.  In order to encourage the issue, I had to make myself a little more publicly accountable.

What I did was announce that we had this board, and introduced Trello, to our two-year-old son’s ABA therapy team (who took to it like fish to water – they are organizational ninjas).  That meant I’d better get a decent Kanban going to invite them to – model the model!

It’s up and running. Our plan is a few minutes’ standup each morning with our son to state our intentions before we head off to work, and a recap before bedtime.

TIL that my  five-year-old son wants to:

  • Learn to do a headstand
  • Learn more about Terraria
  • Learn how to run the washer and dryer (to make money doing chores)
  • Take over responsibility for feeding the dog (see money, above)

Kanban might just increase my leisure time. . .

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