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A Response to Jen Hatmaker, the Self-Proclaimed “Worst End of School Year Mom Ever”

Hi Jen,

I know that a) you wrote this post two years ago, and b) it’s supposed to be humor.  It’s making the rounds again though, thanks to the “Today Parenting Team,” and I just can’t hold back.  Jen to Jen, it’s time someone said this to you —

You don’t have to check homework folders.  You don’t have to make “surprise” costumes or projects. You don’t have to live under the rule of Ms. Burke or any other teacher, who doesn’t live with you and (trust me) is just as burned out at the required bureaucratic bull**** she has to do, e
xcept if she doesn’t do it she gets fired.

The school is asking for that stuff, because busy = achieving and metrics = success, right?

I just can’t stand seeing yet another smart, capable woman throw her hands up in (mock) frustration and pretend like the broken education system is inevitable, unchangeable, and that moms should band together in a suck-it-up, boot camp mentality about their kids’ education.  That’s ludicrous.  There are alternatives to the assembly-line method of education.

I’m one of the founding parents of an Agile Learning Center in Charleston, SC, because we all don’t want our kids to see learning as a series of ‘have-tos’.  It’s just not.  You live in Austin, the home of more original, exciting people than I can shake a stick at.  Find them, and use your notoriety to change things, rather than reinforce the well-school-sucks-but-whaddaya-gonna-do status quo.

It’s great that your blog inspires such strong reactions, from a chuckle and a “been there, sister” to my admittedly more. . .passionate. . . response.  Your platform can advocate for change, if you truly mean what you said.

Jen Hatmaker’s Homework


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